Although I currently need it to survive, I don’t think money deserves the amount of power we assume it has. That’s why since I was a child I’ve been focused on charity activities. Nowadays my altruistic initiatives center on money and different ways to give it to people.

I’ve always been donating money for specific purposes, but once I started to work I thought I could make it constant. This is how in 2007 I decided to sponsor Rameswar Naik, a 5 year old boy in Anantapur (India). I am collaborating with Fundación Vicente Ferrer in order to help improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged groups there.

Later, in 2009, I won a raffle and they gave me a 32″ TV. I felt I had to do something different so I asked for help on the Internet. This is how 700 euros was born.  Now this project is finished, but it will continue in a different way: Melkistonon.