Here you will find two different blogs. I felt I had to split them because of their nature:

Personal blog: sometimes I just like to write stuff for fun. I find it pleasant to tell personal stories, making up fictional adventures and such. So, that’s what you’ll find here!

Programming blog: I created this category because of my very limited memory. Due to my job or just for fun sometimes I need to program certain things. My problem is that I always forget how I did some specific task and whenever I need that knowledge in the future I have to research everything again across the web. So, as you can see this log is responding to a personal need, but as I was planning to do it anyways I’m posting it on the web just in case it could be helpful to others. But don’t expect it to be a manual on programming, here you’ll find the most silly things that always respond to a specific personal need.
[Side note: do not expect a very clear set of instructions here. It is written by and for me in order to remember things that I have already done. But, hey, if you don’t understand something and you think it could be useful do not hesitate and comment on my post asking for clarification! :) ]

Short thoughts: clearly self explanatory ;)

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